Canada Life Youth United awards new grants to local grassroots DoGooders

NRC Youth Voice Tour is going on a road trip

The Northwest London Resource Centre (NWLRC) has appointed a youth council to pro-actively engage youth in the community. Newly formed in February 2019, the council’s first order of business will be a road trip to trade best practices and share information with other youth councils in the region.

Nancy Needham, Executive Director, South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre believes the council will have a very positive impact. “We believe that youth are their own best advocates,” she says. “We have seen over the years that youth recognize and respond to teaching each other on how to be resilient, understanding, compassionate and accepting.”

The youth team will travel with staff from their host resource centre, NWLRC. They will be joined by students from other local resource centres and while the trip plan is not yet finalized, one location currently under consideration is Windsor.

Active Bodies by John Howard Society

This wellness program encourages young people aged 5-12 to stay active and healthy. Children learn about the science of physical activity and how exercise impacts overall wellness. Group sessions include topics like: fueling our bodies, being a good sport, dieting myths, breathing, stress and exercise and health. Program participants will build self-esteem, make new friends and gain valuable life-long knowledge about staying healthy.

London Promotes Health and Wellness by Life*Spin

This grassroots, youth-led food security initiative supports residents of Old East. The program empowers low-income and marginalized youth, families and seniors to overcome barriers linked with physical health, social isolation and food security. Activities include health education, programs for pregnant women and collective cooking classes.

Learning it Together by the Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University

This volunteer-driven program aims to improve literacy, numeracy and healthy living through mentorship. Youth from low-income families are given the opportunity to attend after-school programming and extra-curricular activities at Western University that encourage their schooling.

Dream It, Be It Girls Conference by YMCA of Western Ontario

Designed to empower young women, this program teaches girls and young women to follow their career goals and reach their full potential.  The conference uses a variety of workshops to inspire women to create positive spaces and build personal networks.

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