Election 2019: 4 good questions for candidates on your doorstep

It’s Saturday and you’re settled in for a leisurely morning with a hot pot of coffee and a big newspaper. But wait, who’s that knocking at your door? If it’s a federal candidate looking for your vote, we’ve got you covered. Canada votes on October 21. Here are a few questions for candidates to help you make an informed decision.

Question 1:

Eliminating poverty and homelessness in our community is my top priority–what is your party’s plan to address these two issues?

Your follow up to the candidate’s response: Thank you for sharing your ideas. Given Canada’s wealth and progress to date on poverty, I believe we should strive to end poverty and homelessness by 2030. Investing in a strong Poverty Reduction Strategy and homelessness prevention strategy is good for our economy, our communities and all of us.

Question 2:

Finding affordable, quality housing is a big challenge for people in our community. What is your plan to maintain and expand affordable housing options?

Your follow up to the candidate’s response: Thanks for letting me know. Federal leadership on housing is essential to building strong communities and should be a priority for all parties. Discussions of housing prices and low vacancy rates and people going hungry because they spend most of their money on rent are all over the news –housing is a burning issue in this country.

Question 3:

I believe the federal government should demonstrate clear leadership and respect in pursuing reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. What will your party do to address the social and economic inequities Indigenous communities face?

Your follow up to the candidate’s response: Thanks for your answer. The findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls were jarring but had clear calls to action for all of us. I am looking to the federal government to take meaningful action on those recommendations.

Question 4:

I work and/or volunteer and/or support non-profits and charities as a donor. The sector is part of all of our lives and it is there for Canadians when we need it most. What will your government do to support the charitable and non-profit sector?

Your follow up to the candidate’s response: I am happy you share my commitment to charities. The Senate Special Committee on the Charitable Sector released a report after extensive consultation on how to create a stronger sector. The recommendations are very balanced and I would like to see the next government act on them.

Election day is October 21, 2019 and we want to share some information with you to encourage you to participate in the election by voting.

The date, hours and address of your election day poll will be available –

Ensure you are registered to vote through a quick search on Elections Canada’s website

To vote, you’ll need:

  • ID or a piece of official mail that proves your name and address
  • the voter registration card you received in the mail.

Need to vote early? Advance polls will be open from 9am to 9 pm on:

  • Friday, October 11
  • Saturday, October 12
  • Sunday, October 13
  • Monday, October 14

Want to know who’s running in your riding? Enter your postal code here and click on “Who are the candidates in my electoral district?” The final and complete list was posted as of October 2, 2019.

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