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Fall 2019 Canada Life Youth United

Congratulations to the Fall 2019 Canada Life Youth United grant recipients:


Life Skills (John Howard Society)

  • Through this project, children who live in low socioeconomic households will be provided with valuable life skills in order to take care of themselves and succeed in the future. Unfortunately, many of the children who attend group often do not have role models for proper budgeting, safe cooking, and cleaning. Learning these daily life skills is an invaluable experience to help the children be more successful growing up.
  • Through this program children have an opportunity to increase their confidence and self-esteem, build positive relationships, and gain information on daily living skills. These skills translate into helping them become contributing members of society.
  • Group sessions will include some of the following topics: the importance of saving money, taking public transit, creating a grocery list, packing a lunch, cleaning the house, etc.

Impact Area: All that kids can be & From poverty to possibility  

Early Outreach Conference (Student Council, Western University)

  • Early Outreach Conference (REACH) is an entirely student-run, volunteer, and non-profit organization focused on educating young students in the London-Middlesex community about the importance and value of pursuing higher education.
  • This is a weekend conference held in May 2020 that targets financially at-risk grade seven and eight students who come from areas of low post-secondary attendance rates and low socio-economic status.
  • Their main objective is to equip delegates with the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently embrace high-school and view post-secondary education as a real, tangible goal. They aim to be part of the solution in addressing the root cycle of low income through generations. It is proven that higher levels of education correlate with higher income potential, ultimately leading to more financially stable individuals, families and communities.
  • Delegates will receive mock lectures from Western and Fanshawe professors, hear from various keynote speakers, participate in goal setting exercises, and attend workshops on financial planning and more.
  • The conference also focuses on building confidence, self-esteem and personal growth.
  • Receiving our funding will ensure that approximately 20 more students can attend this conference and that they can expand their event by including a volunteer fair.

Impact Area: From poverty to possibility & All that kids can be

Juvenile Diabetes Camp (Rotaract Club, Western University)

  • This is an annual no-fee camp that provides lower socioeconomic families of children newly diagnosed with diabetes a place to get away from the everyday routine of living with the disease and enjoy an informative, fun-filled experience where they can come together with others in the same situation.
  • Families of these children also participate, build their support systems, and learn more about dealing with this new health challenge (most child participants have been recently diagnosed)- experts in the field of diabetes make presentations to both the families and children on topics such as treatment methods, prognosis, and the latest research.
  • The camp includes physical activities, story-telling, drama, art and games, and meals.
  • The entire camp is run by youth leaders, including the fundraising team.

Impact Area: All that kids can be & Building strong and healthy communities

London Cricket League (Gujarati Students’ Association, Western University)

  • With an emphasis on exercise and mental health, the Gujarati Students’ Association at Western University will host a cricket tournament for students and youth in London, who may already be involved in the sport, or completely new to the game.
  • The event will be a day long cricket tournament with individuals from all demographics, including students from Western’s South Asian clubs, undergraduate and graduate students, and other youth from the London community.
  • The tournament will promote friendly competition between youth to increase their engagement in physical activity, encourage working within a team, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Impact Area: All that kids can be & Building strong and healthy communities

Anago Cares (Anago)

  • The overall goal of the Anago Cares project is assisting youth and adults who are experiencing homelessness in our community.
  • This goal will be achieved by handing out care bags to individuals experiencing homelessness in Downtown London. The care bags will consist of food items, personal and feminine hygiene products, hats and mittens, as well as positive affirmation cards.
  • The project will take place over the course of three months; targeting the winter season in January, February and March. The youth team and their adult ally’s will distribute these lunches/kits around the 15th of each month in the Downtown London community.
  • The youth-led team aims to uplift these individuals’ spirits by providing them with encouragement and some of the basic necessities people need to successfully get through a day. The youth team sees this as a very important need in the community as many of their own team members have experienced these same difficulties and struggles.
  • As a result of being part of the project team, the youth involved will increase their own life skills, including food preparation, cooking and baking, budgeting, time management, and teamwork along with a positive experience of giving back to their community where they can further develop their interpersonal skills.

Impact Area: All that kids can be & From poverty to possibility

LMM Royals Basketball (London Muslim Mosque)

  • The LMM Royals Basketball organization builds, strengthens, and provides a true sense of community among both the Muslim youth athletes as well as other youth athletes within the London community.
  • Through the sport of basketball, the goal of the organization is to foster deep and strong bonds between both players and coaches, while also demonstrating team values of leadership, sportsmanship, respect, and positive communication.
  • As part of the project and grant funding, the LMM Royals organization will provide opportunities to lower socioeconomic youth to be involved with the team through travelling tournaments that may not have been available to them without this funding.
  • Additionally, the funding will also allow the organization to increase the amount of community events they hold, in an effort to give back to other youth, while also empowering and strengthening the local community. These events will take the form of open gym nights for youth in the community, as well as additional basketball tournaments.

Impact Area: All that kids can be & Building strong and healthy communities

If you have any questions about the youth programs, please contact:
Kathryn Callahan
Community Impact Coordinator
Ph: 519.438.1723
Ext. 339

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