Since 2008, GenNext has been working with United Way Elgin Middlesex and its community partners to get the emerging generation engaged in our community through volunteering, giving and action.  We want to generate awareness and knowledge about social issues in Elgin and Middlesex counties and link young adults in our community to the issues important to them.

To mobilize the emerging generation to make a positive impact in our community through giving, volunteering and action.

To work with United Way and its community partners:

  • to generate awareness and knowledge about social issues in Elgin Middlesex
  • to link young adults in our community to the issues they consider important
  • to facilitate opportunities for people in their 20s and 30s to be involved in community action, volunteerism and charitable giving
  • provide meaningful opportunities for United Way stakeholders to be involved

“GenNext provided the perfect platform to connect with a group of fun, likeminded professionals to help drive social change within the London Middlesex Area. It also deepened my understanding of the issues that affect our community.”

Sunali SwaminathanIvey School of Business

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Your contribution to United Way will create lasting change in people’s lives and in our community.
Giving can be as simple as giving up your daily coffee for a month (or a week) and handing over your extra change, challenging your colleagues to sign up for StariClimb or going big and hosting a creative event, contest or fun fundraising challenge for your friends or co-workers. Whatever you do giving to United Way Elgin Middlesex is simple, fun and feels good.

But why give?

  • Because change starts with you
  • We all want our community to be the best it can be and when you give your donation stays in London and Middlesex County
  • Poverty , mental health  and beginnings and transitions are issues our community cares about and United Way is working with community partners to create effective, lasting solutions
  • United Way Elgin Middlesex guarantees cost-efficiency because each donation is invested in initiatives that are strategic and collaborative

Because you don’t have to be a millionaire to give.

At this point in our lives, let’s face it, not all of us are making millions of dollars a year. But did you know that to make positive lasting change in our community a million dollar salary isn’t necessary?

$30 (less than a month’s worth of coffee) provides one hour of translation services for an immigrant family to help them communicate with a health care worker, teacher or potential employer.

$75 (the cost of a new shirt) can send one at risk child to a week-long summer fun club focusing literacy building, physical activity and social competency skills.

$168 (a night out on the town), can supply education and food supplies for one family for one year.

Learn how you can change your spare change into real change.


When you give your time and talent, you make a direct, hands-on contribution to your community.

Volunteering can be anything from answering phones, lending your talent and skill, to acting as a greeter at a special event. But first things first, you need to find an issue that matters to you. Maybe it’s poverty? Mental health stigma? Or maybe you’re interested in helping children or newcomers establish themselves in our community. Whatever you’re passionate about; there are endless opportunities for you to get involved with.
But why volunteer?
Volunteering is a perfect excuse to spend quality time with friends, an opportunity to make new connections, give back to a cause you believe in and build your resume. When it comes to volunteering, there is something for everyone.
How you can get involved   

  • Check out our events section for upcoming GenNext Pop-up volunteer opportunities
  • Contact us about the GenNext workplace ambassador program
  • Get involved in United Way’s youth engagement programs
  • United Way’s funded services are often looking for ongoing or event volunteers– check to see what agency is the best fit for you
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network, a partner of GenNext, provides a community database of volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering is fun.


Make change happen with your voice by getting informed, educating your friends and showing your passion for United Way and local issues.

Knowledge is power and power is opportunity. So why take the opportunity to learn more about the issues that affect our community? Sometimes we make assumptions, but the facts are usually a lot different – so come and join us in learning the facts.

Did you know?

  • The cost of supporting someone with serious mental illness live in the community: $34,418 per year; the cost of keeping someone with serious mental illness in hospital: $170,820 per year (Canadian Mood Disorders Society)
  • The best time to learn literacy skills is in early childhood. The rate of return from good quality investments in early childhood development can be $8 for every dollar invested (Canadian Language & Literacy Network)
  • Poverty has a cost for every household in Ontario. In real terms, poverty costs every household in the province at least $2,300 every year (Ontario Association of Foodbanks)

Do something and join us.

  • Check out our events section for current GenNext advocacy initiatives including our Mix N’ Learn Series
  • Educate yourself about poverty, mental health and beginnings & transitions
  • Participate in one of our Pop-Up Think Tanks to learn more about challenges our partner agencies face and support them with your insights and ideas

Action is power.

Dakota HalfpennyGenNext