Leadership Honor Roll

Thank you for leading by example and investing in your community.

As Campaign Chair, I had the honour of meeting many people, from all walks of life, who believe in building a better community for everyone and who gave generously to help their neighbours. People like you. Because of your commitment, passion and generosity – possibilities and opportunities have been created for thousands of people. Whether it’s a child newly arrived in our community and settling into a new school, a youth whose mentor is helping them stay in school, a dad receiving support to get back into the workforce, or a senior who is able to stay in her own home – it is you who makes the difference. And when we all come together, that difference in people’s lives becomes lasting change for our whole community.

Thank you for igniting possibility!

Dr. Karima Velji RN, PHD, CHE
2016 United Way Campaign Chair

Please see attached PDF with the full Leadership Honour Roll 2016


One gift. Double the impact.

The Leadership Challenge Grant provides a dollar for dollar match to all new and increased Leadership donations of $1,200 or more. Seventeen innovative community champions, dedicated to building a stronger London and Middlesex County, matched 536 new and increased Leadership gifts this year. Together, they leveraged over half-a-million dollars to invest in vital programs that help meet urgent needs and build longer-term independence and success for people in our community.

Thank you to the incredible generosity of our investors:
Ken Kalopsis and Nancy Branscombe, Denis and Debbie Devos, Joyce Garnett, Richard and Beryl Ivey Fund, Jones Packaging Inc., John and Lynne Leitch, Larry G. Myny, Paul Seed, Sunningdale Golf & County Club, Owen (Bertie) Watts, Clint Wilson and two donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Dakota HalfpennyLeadership Honour Roll