London Life Young Leaders empowers youth to become leaders in their communities and gives non-profit organizations the opportunity to benefit from youth involvement.

Our program has 3 parts:

1. Training

  • Learn a range of concrete skills
  • Guest speakers lead sessions on topics including roles and responsibilities of boards, group decision making, finances and budgeting, strategic planning, evaluation and measurement
  • Training to be held on weekends

2. Placement

  • Active member on a non-profit board of directors or committee
  • As non-voting member, regularly attend and participate in discussions and decisions that affect organization and those it helps
  • Approximately 1 meeting (2-3 hours) per month, September to March

3. Reflection

  • Engage in online discussion with fellow participants regarding relevant topics
  • Attend regular coffee chats to reflect on experience, key takeaways, what is going well and what they’re finding challenging

Get involved

Anyone between 18 and 24 years of age is eligible to become a London Life Young Leaders participant. To take part, you must be able to attend the training sessions and board or committee meetings over a 7 month period from September to March.

The 2016-2017 London Life Young Leaders program not currently accepting applications.  Please apply next August 2017 by submitting your resume and cover letter, outlining your interest in the program to 

For an organization to be eligible it must hold regular (every 4-6 weeks) board of directors or committee meetings and have a constitution, bylaws and/or terms of reference. It also must encourage the young leader to actively participate in discussions.

Interested agencies can contact Ashley Thorne.

About London Life Young Leaders

United Way is committed to nurturing leadership and voluntarism in young people in order to support their initiative and contribution to the development of a strong and caring community.

One of the ways United Way offers youth the unique opportunity to play a more active role and have some decision-making power in their communities is through our London Life Young Leaders program. Young Leaders is sponsored by London Life through the national corporate citizenship program of Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life.

London Life Young Leaders is a unique program that matches young leaders to serve as non-voting members with boards of directors and committees in the non-profit sector. The selected youth, ages 18 to 24, benefit from a series of monthly training sessions to teach them the information and leadership skills necessary to be an effective board and committee member.

If you have any questions about the youth programs, please contact:
Ashley Thorne
Community Impact Coordinator
Ph: 519-438-1721
Ext. 339

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