Aness Symons

Associate Director, Communications & Donor Experience

Aness first joined United Way London & Middlesex in 2010, where she served for three years as Resource Development Officer. In 2013 she made the move to the role of Data Strategist to support workplaces in bringing their campaigns online. Aness is recognized as a leader in CRM database management, and is often called upon by other United Ways to provide training and support in the Andar system.

Aness holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Waterloo and has more than 15 years of front line experience. Aness also has volunteer experience as a youth ministries leader as well as an event planning and logistics coordinator. Aness is passionate about community education and ensuring our local network of support services is adequately funded, giving all residents the opportunity to meet their full potential.

Aness enjoys travelling, camping and being active with her family. She is married with three teenage daughters.

519-438-1723 Ext. 235

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