Labour Legend: Meet Dianna

For Dianna Prince, an alias we’re using for her well-being, when she looks back on those “darker” days, she says there was a time she wasn’t sure she and her then-newborn daughter were going to make it through. “It was a tough time to say the least,” she adds.

When Dianna recalls the fear and depression she experienced before and after she was pregnant, you can hear the heartache in her voice. Not only did Dianna live with pre- and post-partum depression, her partner was physically abusive. But things started to change when Dianna bravely took the steps to seek help and support.

Dianna says she didn’t know it then, but the counselling she received was funded in-part by United Way, something she explains she’s grateful for as life could have turned out very differently: “Those appointments were my saviour. Without those talks, I would not be here.”

Today, Dianna is a vibrant mother, a welder with General Dynamics and proud sister with Unifor Local 27. She also makes time to show her support for United Way as a shift lead for the company’s annual fundraising campaign. Though the community’s need for United Way may never truly disappear, Dianna asserts that the change – “the understanding and compassion” – that happens because of the organization makes her contributions worthwhile. “At our workplace, we know that United Way is important and that campaign time matters. And now it’s even more important to me, personally.”

“Those appointments were my saviour. Without those talks, I would not be here.”

How we can help


Promoting healing, resilience and recovery for individuals living with mental health issues.


Annually, almost 7,000 people access United Way funded individual counselling or group workshops to help address issues related to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide and other significant mental health concerns. The local crisis line funded by United Way receives an additional 16,000 calls from people experiencing emotional distress or mental health crises.


In a community where everyone matters, we help our friends and neighbours deal with mental health issues with compassion and respect. At United Way, we believe that prevention and support for a wide range of mental health issues are important investments for a strong and resilient community.

Fast facts – 2016

6,037 individuals were provided counselling services in London and Middlesex County through United Way funded counselling programs
111 children who have witnessed family violence participated in a program at Women’s Rural Resource Centre designed to break the cycle of abuse
1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime

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