Complaints policy

Members of the public are welcome to express concerns to United Way with respect to the conduct of its staff, volunteers and operations.


This policy applies to all complaints received from members of the public (including donors, prospective donors, community members, etc.) about United Way Elgin Middlesex operations, which includes the conduct and behaviour of all employees and volunteers.

As United Way Elgin Middlesex and its funded agencies are distinct and separate entities with independent governance and management structures, complaints about other related organizations will not be dealt with by United Way Elgin Middlesex. United Way Elgin Middlesex will refer such complaints to the organization for appropriate action.


To launch a formal complaint, the complainant must submit their concerns in writing and identify themselves. United Way will not respond to verbal or anonymous complaints, however accommodations will be made for individuals with disabilities. The complaint should be submitted to the Executive Assistant & Human Resources Officer.

Upon receipt of a formal complaint the Executive Assistant & Human Resources Officer will log the complaint in a registry and appoint an appropriate staff person to investigate the complaint.

Once a formal complaint is received, United Way will fully, fairly, and transparently deal with concerns or complaints received from members of the public regarding its staff, volunteers, or operations in an expeditious fashion. The complainant will be kept informed of the status of the complaint and expected timelines for resolution.

At the end of the investigation, the complainant will receive clear information about the decisions relating to the complaint. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the decision(s), they may appeal the decision within 10 business days and have the concern escalated to the President and Chief Executive Officer, if the appeal is still not resolved it can be escalated within 10 business days to the Board of Directors for final consideration.

The President and Chief Executive Officer will report at least annually on the number and type of formal complaints received and the resulting resolutions to the Board of Directors.

Formal complaints are to be submitted in writing to:

United Way Elgin Middlesex
Executive Assistant & Human Resources Officer
409 King St., London, ON N6B 1S5
Telephone: 519.438.1721
Fax: 519.438.9938


Ph: 519-438-1721

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