Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs find ways to connect

What do you do when you can’t hang out with your Big Sister or Little Sister due to COVID-19?

Jayia and Camilla have been matched for about 10 months, and had put precautions in place early on during the pandemic. They have been able to maintain consistent contact with video chats, and interactive online games and apps like House Party.

Last weekend, Camilla decided to make the Easter holiday a little bit more special for Jayia by dropping off a basket with treats and games on her doorstep. Camilla knows that it can be difficult for kids to understand what’s happening, and she wanted to bring something positive to Jayia’s day!

Jayia and Camilla have both had positive experiences as a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Jayia thinks that her Big Sister is “perfect the way she is and wouldn’t change anything about her”. And Camilla is happy to be a part of Jayia’s life as an adult that she doesn’t have to share with any of her siblings.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of London is working with all their matches to help them stay connected during this difficult time. Every match is unique, in that not everyone has the same access to technology. Matches are using whatever they can, texting, phone calls, Facetime, and games over the phone, to chat, hang out and maintain contact. Families have been really great at facing this unusual challenge, and everyone is working really well with the transition to the new form of mentoring. Everyone is doing their best to get by, and very eager to get back to regular in person visits.

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