2020 Champ Camp

Get the tools and inspiration you’ll need to run a successful workplace campaign.

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What does a Campaign Champion do?

As a Campaign Champion, you help make a difference in your workplace and your community by leading a United Way campaign in your workplace. With training and support by United Way staff and Sponsored Employees, you will:

  • Learn about United Way and recruit a campaign team (1-8 people)
  • Secure support and maintain direct contact with senior management,
    labour leaders and United Way
  • Analyze, develop and implement a campaign plan
  • Educate fellow volunteers and get them involved
  • Launch your campaign and run special events
  • Report campaign progress and final results to United Way
  • Problem-solve during campaign, if required
  • Thank donors, volunteers and team members
  • Participate in a final evaluation of your campaign
  • Have fun!

How to get started

As you begin to plan your workplace fundraising, we want to ensure you have the tools and information
you need to run a successful campaign. If there is something you need that you can’t find, please contact us
and we’ll connect you with a Development Officer to support you.

Campaign Champion Booklet

Campaign Champion Booklet

New booklet coming soon!

We’re here to help

Taking on the role of Campaign Champion should be fun and give you the chance to connect with colleagues in a new way. We want you to have a great experience! If you have any questions while reading this guide, or during the implementation of your workplace campaign, please call or email us.


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