Community generosity fuels fourth round of funding

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Vulnerable people and families struggling their way through the COVID-19 pandemic received another round of support last week as United Way released its fourth round of grants to local programs and services. The most recent installment of $29,000 brings the total dollars dispersed for COVID-19 relief in our region to $408,214, helping local people find the support they need in a difficult time.

“The length of this crisis is causing for an increased need to rise in our community,” says Kelly Ziegner, President and CEO, United Way Elgin Middlesex. “The support of our community is more important now than ever and it is crucial we keep these dollars flowing into programs and services that are providing immediate support for people and families in a tight spot.”

And as physical distance restrictions are being lifted slowly across the region, needs continue to increase. As Jessie Rodger, Executive Director, Anova, recently said in an interview with CBC, “Across the country, we knew that once restrictions were going to be lifted, there would be more calls and more requests for support.”

In total, United Way has released four rounds of grants into the community. Funds of up to $20,000 are being dispersed to social services across the region helping people to meet urgent basic needs and reduce social isolation. Funds are also going to help essential workers, providing technology and training so they can move to digital service delivery without a disruption to service.

To date, United Way Elgin Middlesex has facilitated the distribution of more than $1 million in COVID-19 recovery efforts through charitable giving, future pledges, and government grants. Visit Local Love in a Global Crisis for details, donation announcements and how to get help or give help.

About our community’s coordinated response to the COVID-19 crisis

United Way Elgin Middlesex is working in close partnership with London Community Foundation, the City of London and the municipalities of Elgin and Middlesex to quickly mobilize funds to meet our community’s most pressing needs during the coronavirus outbreak.

Our coordinated approach is creating a full-spectrum safety net for our community’s most vulnerable: United Way is focused on immediate basic needs, London Community Foundation is supporting longer-term recovery and rebuilding, and municipal partners are creating extra capacity for essential services. Together, we are keeping our community strong.

Round four fund recipients:

  • WAYS Mental Health Support
  • Cross Cultural Learner Centre
  • Family & Children’s Services St. Thomas Elgin

United Way Elgin Middlesex’s COVID-19 grant summary

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