Community Leadership

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There are many activities in which United Way staff members are involved even though direct funding is not provided. These initiatives invite United Way staff members to the table because they know that the expertise provided will benefit the work of the collaboration. These activities are often coordinating bodies, problem solving groups, information sharing or mobilizing efforts. Usually, these efforts are focused on looking for solutions, increasing the capacity of the non-profit sector or increasing awareness of issues.

United Way staff provide expertise, coordination and information-sharing
on the following community planning committees and initiatives:

Circles Guiding Coalition

Community Action Network for Children & Youth Elgin

Elgin Leaders Cabinet

Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning & Development Board

Elgin – St Thomas Coalition to End Poverty

Employment Sector Council

Inclusive Economy London

London’s Child & Youth Network

London Community Recovery Network

London Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse

London & District Labour Council

London Homeless Coalition

London Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership

OW and ODSP Community Advocates Network

St Thomas and District Labour Council

St Thomas and District Economic Development Corporation

Together, we improve lives locally.

Dakota HalfpennyCommunity Leadership