Fresh fruits and veggies a “beautiful thing”

Representatives from the London Police Association, My Sister’s Place, United Way Elgin Middlesex and the London Police
celebrate a significant donation that helped London for All purchase 17 hydroponic garden towers for Family Centres
and other community organizations across London, including this one at My Sister’s Place.

Good things are growing in high-priority neighbourhoods across the city, thanks to a partnership between United Way Elgin Middlesex, the Child & Youth Network and the London Police Association (LPA).

A generous donation of $16,808.75 from the LPA enabled London for All’s (LFA) Food Security Table to purchase 17 hydroponic container gardens, each one a ‘vegetable jungle’ capable of producing 30 pounds of produce every month. The garden towers are located in Family Centres, Neighbourhood Resource Centres, libraries and community organizations like My Sister’s Place and Edgar & Joe’s café.

“To have fresh, organic produce on-site is a beautiful thing,” says Lori, a micro-entrepreneur, volunteer and participant at My Sister’s Place who is excited about harvesting cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, swiss chard, various herbs and lettuces very soon.  “There’s a real sense of pride and ownership knowing that you grew the food you’re eating.”

Between 80 and 120 women come to My Sister’s Place every day for a hearty lunch offered as part of the non-profit organization’s nutrition program. For many women, it’s their only meal of the day. Fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables produced by the garden tower will augment healthy lunch options, a prospect that has the organization’s cooks or ‘kitchen goddesses’ quite excited too.

“Garden towers provide ingredients and learning opportunities,”

Kelly Ziegner, CEO, United Way Elgin Middlesex

“Garden towers provide ingredients and learning opportunities,” says Kelly Ziegner, CEO, United Way Elgin Middlesex, the agency at the helm of London for All, the City of London’s initiative to end poverty in a generation. “They don’t solve food security, but they can play an integral role in helping people learn how to eat healthy, fresh and local.”

Visit London for All to learn more about the Food Security Table’s latest initiatives.

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