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High-five match - $5 a pay helps people every day

You’re the kind of person who likes to stretch every dollar.

We get it.

That’s why – for the first time, and for a limited time – your gift of just $5 per pay as a new (or new-ish!) donor to United Way Elgin Middlesex will be multiplied through a special matching program called High-five.

High-five is an easy and affordable way that new donors can stretch the value of their gift, with the help of local companies who have pledged to bonus every new High-five donation.

Each new-donor gift of $5 per pay has extra impact because of a commitment by local, community-minded companies to add 50 cents to every High-five dollar. 

So, if you’re paid every other week, your $5 payroll deduction becomes a tax-receiptable gift of $130 per year. Our sponsors will then contribute an additional $65 – making your $130 donation work as hard for this community as $195.

When High-fived to $195, your gift means that 65 kids at South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre get a healthy breakfast to feed their tummies and their brains. It means a young woman in the homelessness prevention program at YWCA Elgin-St. Thomas has three weeks of emergency food. It means 44 participants have access to laundry detergent to wash a load of laundry each week at the London Coffee House.

Dollar-for-dollar, that’s great value – and a great boost you’ve given your community.
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