In the news: United Way offers small tweak, big impact

CBC London recently asked United Way to answer a provocative and important question: What is your one idea that would help people living with addiction, in poverty or with mental illness?

As part of CBC’s #Londonvotes coverage, reporter Kate Dubinski consulted with United Way and several other local organizations who work with London’s most vulnerable.

Dubinski asked each participant to contribute an idea that’s a “small tweak”, a quick solution that can be done at the municipal level.

Here’s what Kelly Ziegner, CEO, United Way Elgin Middlesex had to say:

“London has done a good job at attracting business to the outer edges of the city. We’re in an enviable spot with good jobs and people who need them. Now we need to make the transit connection so workers can get there reliably and safely. United Way recently partnered with the LTC and LEDC (London Economic Development Corporation) to host a transit summit as part of the City’s London for All initiative to end poverty. Businesses worked together to align shifts, identify best routes and stops, and address safety concerns like lights and sidewalks. There’s a plan in place to bring transit to industrial parks. If the City and industry champion it, new bus routes could lead to a big gain: stable incomes that lift people out of poverty.”

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