2020 Labour Appreciation Award Nominees

Labour of Love

The needs in our community grew exponentially this year and local Labour Activists stepped up to the challenge! Each of our nominees represents an unhailed hero who went above and beyond to help their neighbours in need.

Steve Holmes

ATU 741

Labour Appreciation Award Nominee

Steve is a retired bus driver and longtime community activist who sits on the executive team with the London District Labour Council. Steve spends much of his time giving back to the community. When the pandemic struck in March 2020, Steve got busy making sure the most vulnerable in our community had the food and supplies they needed. Steve has been dropping off food weekly since the start of the pandemic and worked to support YOU by collecting donations of urgently needed items for several agencies, including My Sisters Place and the Coffee House.

Share the Warmth

Labour Appreciation Award Nominee

Share the Warmth is a joint initiative between the YWCA and St. Thomas District Labour Council aimed at ensuring every member of our community has the necessary and appropriate winter attire for a safe winter season. Through their efforts, a community-wide collection was organized that included donations of blankets, coats, boots, hats and knitted ‘cuddlies’. Hundreds of items were collected and shared with various organizations, including Settlement Services for Newcomers, Supportive Housing Residents, Youth in Transition, and Poverty Intervention Clients.

Lisa Fewster

OPSEU President L 166

Labour Appreciation Award Nominee

A natural leader and dedicated community member, Lisa invests her time as President of six different units. Each workplace she represents has faced significant issues during COVID-19 and each required Lisa’s attention, advocacy and support.  Lisa stepped up to this challenge to ensure each and every member had the support and resources they needed to navigate through the challenges of COVID-19. Lisa also volunteered her time to help feed and support migrant workers and to deliver PPE so they could keep safe while working.

Kennedy Atkinson

UNIFOR Local 88

Labour Appreciation Award Nominee

Kennedy is passionate about youth and opportunities that give young people the resources they need to accomplish their goals. Kennedy is a strong advocate of United Way and quick to volunteer for any event or pop-up opportunity needing volunteer support. At CAMI, Kennedy is always looking for new and innovative ways to encourage people to donate, participate or get involved in helping their community.

Katherine Zehr

LiUNA 1059

Labour Appreciation Award Nominee

Katherine is a true go-getter and team player.  She saw an increased need in the community resulting from the pandemic, and dedicated herself to creating a team for United Way’s Scotiabank StairClimb to raise money for local programs and services supporting those in need. Katherine rallied her colleagues and encouraged everyone to collect pledges while spreading the word about the good work being done.

Melanated View

Labour Appreciation Award Nominee

Melantated View was created to ensure a productive and correct narrative for the Black Lives Matter movement in our community. These five individuals worked to ensure a positive discussion was being held which demonstrated the intersectionality and challenge of the current negative media and social stigmas. Their goal is to create a united society working towards a greater purpose. This group has worked together to tackle local barriers through sharing experiences within meaningful discussions that highlight needed change and awareness of social injustice.

Bruce Hoskins

UNIFOR Local 27

Labour Appreciation Award Nominee

As Health and Safety alternate at GDLS-Canada, Bruce Hoskins fights for a safe workplace for his colleagues. Bruce has been an integral part of the United Way campaign at his workplace over the years and rallies his colleagues to support their community. In addition, Bruce volunteers his time with the Public Affairs Committee where he leads a sub-committee directing the charitable giving of donations at GDLS-Canada.

Donald Keay


Labour Appreciation Award Nominee

Donald Keay donates his time to help the people around him. He is passionate about the safety and wellbeing of young people. Donald is an active participant in the “Kids Matter” child treatment sector awareness campaign. He is always looking for opportunities to improve and ensure issues of equity and fairness in his workplace and the greater community. As a Union leader, Donald always provides support to employees, ensuring each feel they are included and has a sense of personal belonging to the team. Donald always faces challenges with a gentle manner and a caring attitude.

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