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Have a passionate, caring activist leader in your union that may be interested in joining Labour United?

All Labour United activities are guided by input from the National Labour Partnership, United Way Elgin Middlesex and their existing community partners. Deliverables will connect all three operational pillars (Give, Volunteer, Act) and consist of but are not limited to the following:

  • To provide leadership and expertise as it relates to Labour and its volunteers as part of the regular United Way operations (i.e. engagement visits, cultivation meetings, and impact events)
  • To advance United Way’s strategic goals by engaging, educating, and inspiring Labour donors, volunteers and advocates
  • To increase and strengthen the partnership with United Way among Labour in the community
  • To generate awareness and knowledge about social issues in Elgin and Middlesex counties, as outlined in the Community Impact Agenda and as it relates to the work of United Way Elgin Middlesex
  • To facilitate and build opportunities for Labour in the areas of charitable giving, volunteerism and community action and advocacy
  • To provide meaningful and valuable partnership opportunities for United Way and Labour
  • To create opportunities for leadership and development with Labour
  • To develop tools and resources in support of the Labour Partnership programming across Canada.
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