Partnership with Labour
The Canadian Labour Congress and United Way share a common vision for strong, healthy and prosperous communities offering a wide range of accessible, universal and high-quality social and public services. Labour acknowledges the important role of volunteers in creating these communities and United Way recognizes the need for fully funded and staffed public services.

The partnership between organized labour and United Way has evolved and grown for more than 50 years. The Canadian Labour Congress and United Way of Canada have signed a statement of principles that acknowledges their shared vision for strong communities and a plan to work together to achieve this goal. Canadian Labour Congress representatives liaise and work closely with United Way so our combined voices, networks and resources can make our vision real.

At United Way Elgin Middlesex there is a Labour Programs & Services Coordinator that works with labour in the community, the London and District Labour Council, the London & District Building and Construction Trades Council and United Way to keep this partnership alive. Our labour coordinator offers a number of programs and services in Elgin and Middlesex.

For 40 years we have had a Labour Programs and services staff. The Labour Staff works to honour the ongoing partnership between labour and United Way Elgin Middlesex.  The staff works closely with the London and District Building and construction trades council, the London and District Labour Council and the St. Thomas and District Labour Council.

Labour United
Since 1978 Labour has been partnering with a purpose in support of United Way in our local communities.  Labour United is a committee of Labour Leaders in our community dedicated to creating a community where everyone matters.

Labour United, through the historic Labour principles of social activism and solidarity, will work to increase the social conscience of our members through communication, education, engagement and actualization to create a community where everyone matters and is able to reach their full potential without barriers due to poverty, social status or disability.

Labour United will engage Labour for positive change in our community.

“United Way has the power to connect to us as a caring community. If everybody did something little, the big things would take care of themselves.”

Brian TansyChair, Labour United


Phone: 519.438.1723 ext 232

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