2019 Labour Appreciation Award Winners

Working for a community where everyone matters

This year’s award winners stand for social justice. They educate, advocate and change local lives.

Theresa - Labour Appreciation Award Winner and Kelly Ziegner

Teresa Loucks

CUPE Local 101

Labour Appreciation Award Recipient

Teresa is inspired by fairness for all and fights for gender equality and diversity. She always goes to the extreme to support her fellow members and always sticks up for the underdog. She brings a fierce dedication to her work and every issue she takes on.

Sandra - Labour Appreciation Award Winner and Kelly Ziegner

Sandra Price

COPE Local 468

Labour Appreciation Award Recipient

Sandra is dedicated to community building. She is a passionate mom, community leader and friend. She brings her strong determination to everything she sets her mind too and works hard to build a community that strengthens and includes everyone.

Alex - Labour Appreciation Award Winner and Kelly Ziegner

Alex Fitzgerald

Unifor Local 88

Labour Appreciation Award Recipient

Alex is a true social justice warrior who stands up for women’s issues and the rights of all those around her. She uses her dedication and passion for her local, and the community, bringing people together. She is never afraid to speak her mind and fight for those without a voice.

Tim - Labour Appreciation Award Winner and Kelly Ziegner

Tim Organ

Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

Labour Appreciation Award Recipient

Tim is an extremely busy activist. He holds many positions within his union but Tim’s true passion and power come from the work he does to ensure his members mental health and well-being. He fights to tear down stereotypes and systematic barriers for his workers and those around him.

Steve - Labour Appreciation Award Winner and Kelly Ziegner

Steve Holmes

ATU Local 741

Labour Appreciation Award Recipient

Steve is an activist, leader and volunteer. He gives his time freely to the community to help others and bring his years of experience and wisdom to his work. Steve has a quiet strength that you can always rely on.

John M - Labour Appreciation Award Winner and Kelly Ziegner

John McMahon

CUPW Local 566

Labour Appreciation Award Recipient

Between rally’s and protests, and fighting for his members, John is a tried and true activist, always on the frontlines of the fight. John strongly supports the move back to postal banking and continues to advocate for this development.

Karen - Labour Appreciation award winner and Kelly Ziegner

Karen Kading

OSSTF District 11

Labour Appreciation Award Recipient

Karen is an activist who fights for the rights of teachers and students. She uses her passion to support youth in her role as a guidance counsellor and fights avidly for the rights of youth education. She is a committed member of the Provincial Status of Women Committee and has been active in the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

Craig - Labour Appreciation award winner and Kelly Ziegner

Craig Smith

ETFO Thames Valley Teachers Local

Labour Appreciation Award Recipient

Craig is a leader who fights for fairness for each his members. He is dedicated to strengthening the classroom and he works tirelessly to benefit the education system and community. His quiet strength gives confidence and determination to everyone he is around.

LoriAnne - Labour Appreciation award winner and Kelly Ziegner

LoriAnn Baetz-Abdey

OPSEU Local 159

Labour Appreciation Award Recipient

LoriAnn is a Wonder Woman and superhero. She runs races, she sleeps in cars to support her community, and she will take on almost any challenge to help improve the lives of the people around her. She is kind and caring, using her fierce strength to help create change.

Jamie Gordon

CUPW Local 610

Labour Appreciation Award Recipient

Jamie is a leader who always supports his members. He serves on the St. Thomas Labour Council and is passionate about his community. You will always find him supporting his friends and members at rally’s and events, doing his part to create change in the community.

Joe - United Experience award winner and Kelly Ziegner

Joe Wilson

Unifor Local 27 | United Experience

United Experience Award Recipient

Joe is a past Image of Hope winner. His dedication to our community while working is legendary. In his retirement Joe continues to be a tireless and committed volunteer. He is an inspiration for us all.

Sabrina, GenNext Labour award winner + Kelly Ziegner

Sabrina Tingle


GenNext Award Recipient

Sabrina is a young leader who goes above and beyond supporting our community. She uses her skills and passion to uplift those around her. Her super-power is organization and she uses it to strengthen every project she works on for the betterment of the community.

Phil Hames, Prevention Link award winner

Phil Hames

UFCW Local 175 and 633

Prevention Link award winner

Jamie Gordon

CUPW Local 610

Health and Saftey award winner

Libraries + Activists, ChangeMaker award winners

Librarians and Archivists


ChangeMakers award winners


GKN, Partnering with a Purpose award winners

G.K.N. Sinter Metals

IAM Local Lodge 1975 

Partnering with a Purpose award winners


John Payne, Jim MacKinnon's Community Builder award winner

John Payne

LiUNA 1059

Jim MacKinnon’s Community Builders award winner


Hector, Images of Hope award winner + Dani

Hector Mclellan

Unifor Local 27

Images of Hope award winner

Together, we are possibility.

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