A Roadmap to End Poverty

London urgently needs to address poverty. Recent census data shows that 1 in 4 children live in poverty in our community. While the rest of the country is gaining, unemployment at home remains stubbornly high. More and more families are having a tough time making ends meet.

London for All: A Roadmap to End Poverty is our community’s plan to end poverty in a generation. It’s an ambitious goal and the time is right. We have a better understanding of the causes and impacts of poverty. Our provincial and federal governments are paying more attention to the issue. Locally, London has many passionate, intelligent people working together to address the root causes.

Our community is rallying around a growing resolve that “it ends here.”

In May 2017, United Way Elgin Middlesex was named Lead Agency to implement London for All. In our role as project manager, United Way brings partners together to:

  • develop and oversee implementation plans
  • ensure ongoing evaluation and accountability
  • report back to stakeholders, including the community
  • ensure individuals with lived experience of poverty have meaningful involvement in all aspects of the work, including leadership roles

Poverty is about our entire community. It impacts us all, because a community that experiences poverty can’t reach its potential when people lack or are denied the economic, social or cultural resources to participate. It’s time to end poverty so that everyone gets the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“The goal of these recommendations is for London to reach its full potential by ending poverty in one generation”


Leadership Table

Luke Nicholas (Chair)

Jeff Preston (Vice Chair)
Kings University College

Deb Peckham
Community Volunteer

Dharshi Lacey
Mayor’s Poverty Panel member
Pillar Nonprofit Network

Dwayne Hill
Community Volunteer

Eric Todd
Community Volunteer

Jayne Garland
Western University

Jim Wilkes
UNIFOR Local 27

Marci Allen-Easton
Community Volunteer

Patricia Hoffer
St. Joseph’s Health Care London

Sandra Fieber
Fanshawe College

Sue Wilson
Sisters of St. Joseph
London Poverty Research Centre

Vijay Venkatesan
London Community Foundation

Kelly Ziegner
ex-officio member
United Way Elgin Middlesex

Sandra Datars Bere
ex-officio member
City of London (Funder)

Accountability Groups

Changing Mindsets Chair

Guiding Coalition

Early learning & Education Chair

Heather Lokko
Middlesex-London Health Unit

Food Security Chair

Tosha Densky
London & Middlesex Food Policy Council

Health Chair

Scott Courtice
London Intercommunity Health Centre

Homeless Prevention & Housing Chair

Greg Playford
London Community Foundation

Income & Employment Chair

David Billson
rtraction / Engine SevenFour

Transportation Chair

Sheryl Rooth
London Transit Commission

Systems Change Chair

Luke Nicholas



Community Activism


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For more information please contact:

Roxanne Riddell
Project Manager, London For All
519-438-1723 ext: 224

Dakota HalfpennyLondon For All