Dani Bartlett

Labour Programs & Services Coordinator

Dani has been a labour activist since she joined the union in 1996. Before coming to United Way she was a trained women’s advocate dealing with violence against women. She was an elected Trustee for her union and the Chair for the Women’s Committee and Vice-Chair for the Human Rights Committee.

In her Role as Labour Programs & Service Coordinator, Dani is able to utilize her skills in program development and facilitation by delivering courses such as the Labour Community Advocate Program. This program empowers participants to become trained referral agents for their coworkers. In this role, Dani works with both the United Way and the Labour movement. “For me this role is the best of both worlds. I get to live my grass root labour values while making a difference in my community. A community where everyone matters truly speaks to where my heart is.”

519-438-1723 Ext. 232

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