Dakota Halfpenny

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Dakota Halfpenny

Graphic Design and User Experience Coordinator

Dakota started with United Way in June 2016 as the Communications Assistant learning the ins and outs of what United Way has to offer our community. Graduating from Fanshawe College with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design in 2016. “In the communications department you really get a great understanding of what United Way does for our community. From major events we have, product drives and everything in-between. Seeing people changing the odds for our community is wonderful.”

Dakota now helps out in multiple areas within the organization including; Communications, Finance and Operations as well as Community Impact. When Dakota’s not working she enjoys exploring new trails with her dog, learning new recipes, broadening her spectrum of movie culture and a good cup of tea.

519-438-1723 Ext. 274

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Dakota HalfpennyDakota Halfpenny