March 4 @ 11:50 pm – March 5 @ 6:00 am

Sleepless event logo, March 4, 2021. What's keeping our community up at night? Donate today and kick-start the conversation.

This year Sleepless is going to look a little different.

COVID-19 has amplified the issues our community is facing and, as leaders in our community, it’s important we take a deep dive into the issues so we can take a stand against them. Also, due to COVID-19 safety measures, we can’t gather people together or encourage people to be outside their homes.

Now, issues like hunger, social isolation, intimate partner violence, and mental health need to become part of the conversation too. COVID-19 has amplified these issues and as leaders in our communities, it’s important we learn more so we can take a stand, together.

You can be a part of the solution. Donate to your community or pledge a participant as they pull an all-nighter for United Way.

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