Working toward a strong community with resilient & healthy people

In a community where everyone matters, we support personal well-being and strengthen communities by investing in community mental health supports & services, neighbourhood & community development and programs that address gender-based violence and ensure wellbeing & resilience for all.

Why focus on building strong and healthy communities?

1 in 5

will experience a form of mental illness at some point in their life.

25 years

Adults with severe mental health problems and illnesses die up to 25 years sooner than adults in the general population.


Suicide is the second leading cause of death among Canadian youth.

An example of how we respond to the issue

18,155 families and seniors accessed physical activity, healthy food or nutrition programs that build healthy habits and increase belonging

Volunteers in Elgin and Middlesex provided thousands of hours of support to individuals with a palliative illness ensuring they could receive compassionate end-of-life care in their own homes.

28,398 calls were made to the CMHA Middlesex Support Line which provides confidential 24/7 therapeutic listening and support to adults experiencing distress

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Sara Middleton
Director, Community Impact
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