Helping children and youth reach their full potential

In a community where everyone matters, we all deserve a good start. We all want to feel welcomed and supported through transitions so we can succeed, contribute and thrive. Investments in prevention and early intervention simply makes sense. Addressing issues and building support systems for people early on helps prevent problems from becoming more complex in the future. Also, it makes financial sense, investing early on costs far less than more complicated solutions later.

Why focus on helping kids be all they can be?

1 in 4

children in London live in poverty

1 in 4

Ontario Grade 3 students are not meeting literacy and numeracy standards established by the province.

Nearly 1 in every 3

children in Ontario has an unhealthy body weight.

An example of how we respond to the issue

4,033 kids in grades K-3 received help to improve their reading and writing skills, increasing their potential for academic success

12,398 young people participated in quality after-school and community-based programs, making them more likely to become successful adults

485 children and youth in our region were matched with a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters programs

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Sara Middleton
Director, Community Impact
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Dakota HalfpennyHelping kids be all they can be