Supporting urgent needs and promoting independence
and long-term financial stability

In a community where everyone matters, we all look after one another. When individuals and  families are facing tough times, we extend our hands to help with immediate needs and connect them to programs and services proven to lead to long-term independence.

Why focus on moving people from poverty to possibility?

1 in 7 people

In London, live in poverty

1 in 5 children

In Elgin-St. Thomas, live in poverty


of Ontario’s Indigenous population lives below the poverty line compared to 14% of the non-Indigenous population

An example of how we respond to the issue

2,410 people accessed affordable housing, financial literacy training or emergency shelter, helping them meet urgent basic needs & work toward long-term solutions

10,366 students in St Thomas and Elgin County accessed school snack programs provided by Eat2Learn

1,279 Good Food boxes were distributed by neighbourhood resource centres ensuring low-income families have regular access to vegetables and fruits.

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Click here to learn more about United Way’s From Poverty to Possibility Strategy.

Sara Middleton
Director, Community Impact
Ph: 519-438-1723
Ext. 223

Dakota HalfpennyMoving people from poverty to possibility