Workplace Campaigns

Workplace campaigns are an opportunity for employees to better understand their community, to support United Way, and have fun doing it. This is an employee-led initiative that involves a staff member volunteering to act as a Campaign Champion. In some workplaces, this person may form a small committee of their peers to help organize the campaign.

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What are the benefits?

Many employers capitalize on the United Way campaign to pull their employees together, to enhance employee relations, to work towards a common goal and to create a feeling of supporting their community as an organization.

Payroll deduction

Most employers participate in the payroll deduction program, which allows employees to deduct a regular amount from each paycheque to fulfill their annual pledge to United Way. Employees fill out their pledge form during the annual Campaign in the fall. One copy goes to their human resources or payroll department, while another copy goes to United Way. Payroll deductions begin the following January.

Training and support

Training is provided to your employee campaign volunteer through Champion Training Clinics. In addition, a Sponsored Employee will be assigned to your organization to guide and assist with new ideas to ensure your United Way workplace campaign is a successful one. All major campaign materials are supplied to your employee volunteer.

We’re here to help

Taking on the role of Campaign Champion should be fun and give you the chance to connect with colleagues in a new way. We want you to have a great experience! If you have any questions while reading this guide, or during the implementation of your workplace campaign, please call or email us.

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