Our extraordinary pandemic year

The #LoveLove Letter, United Way Elgin Middlesex

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Kelly Ziegner, President & CEO United Way Elgin Middlesex

At United Way, we stand for impact. To us, this means changing lives locally and changing the systems that affect us all. It also means leveraging opportunities to inspire action and come together to solve our community’s toughest issues, even when that opportunity is a pandemic. 

At a time when we’re all feeling pretty fatigued, I wanted to share some good news about how our community came together this past year, united in Local Love. 

I encourage you to take a few minutes to dive into our 2020-21 Impact Report, a special edition of The #LocalLove Letter dedicated to United Way’s pandemic response. I think you’ll be inspired by our volunteers, our grassroots advocacy efforts, and the astounding impact of our $9.5 million investment in this community thanks to partners and supporters like you. 

You can link to the digital version here or, if you’re eager for a break from the screen, you can order a printed copy here. 

Looking beyond this extraordinary year, hope is on the horizon. We have an opportunity now to create a fair and equitable recovery, one that truly builds a community where everyone matters. Let’s work together to continue the good news stories and, more important, deliver impact again this year. 

Thank you for improving lives locally, 

P.S Do you need help for you or a loved one? Call 211 anytime 24/7 to get connected to supports available close to home. 

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Sometimes you need the news now, and we’re happy to deliver. Learn more about United Way’s pandemic year in our digital edition of the 2020-21 Impact Report, The #LocalLove Letter: Our Pandemic Year.