Creating real, lasting change

United Way works so that every person in every community across our region has a fair shot at their best life. As the largest non-government funder of social services in Elgin and Middlesex counties, we tackle issues linked to poverty and social exclusion by investing in strategic leadership, advocacy and programs proven to get results. Donations stay 100% local, always.

Our vision

A community where everyone matters.

All people are important and deserve a good quality of life. All people have the potential to need help and the potential to help. ‘Success’ and ‘quality of life’ mean different things to different people but we’re driven by the ultimate goal to have our community made up of people enjoying a good life and helping others to achieve the same.

Our mission

To improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action.

The most important thing United Way can do for our community is to use our reputation, relationships and expertise to bring together our community’s resources of people, time, talent, relationships, expertise, technology, money and more. By channeling our community’s power behind solid strategies we can achieve lasting changes in the social conditions of individuals, families and our community.

Check out our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Our core values

Demonstrate trust, integrity, respect, inclusivity and transparency

Energize and inspire volunteerism and volunteer leadership

Endorse innovation, partnerships and collective action

Provide non-partisan leadership

Embrace diversity

United Way creates real, lasting change

Locally driven and governed, United Way is a non-partisan, registered charity dedicated to preventing and reducing poverty; to improving the quality of life of all people in our community and helping individuals, families, neighbourhoods and communities reach their full potential.

United Way is a leader in understanding the root causes of social issues and bringing together people and resources to find lasting solutions. United Way is creating real change in people’s lives – meaningful, positive, lasting change. Not just for today, but for the long term. And that means a better community for us all. Inspiring people to come together, we have the power to make a real difference, in people’s lives and in our community.

Together, we improve lives locally.

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