Sponsored Employees

2022-23 Sponsored Employees

2022 Sponsored Employees

Sponsored Employees represent United Way and their sponsoring organization in the community and play an integral role in the annual Campaign. In fact, Sponsored Employees are critical to the success of the United Way Campaign. Read the Sponsored Employees brochure to learn more.

Sponsored Employee Program

Formerly known as the Loaned Representative Program, the Sponsored Employee Program presents a unique professional development opportunity for individuals to join the United Way fundraising team.

With training in fundraising techniques and ongoing coaching, a team of Sponsored Employees from a broad range of sectors unite in a common cause: providing support, service and fundraising expertise to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the more than 750 United Way employee fundraising campaigns.

Sponsored Employees:

  • Help develop and implement fundraising strategies
  • Provide advice and support to volunteers and staff
  • Monitor campaigns and report results
  • Present to groups the value of giving to United Way
  • Facilitate recognition to donors and volunteers

The program is 16 weeks, full-time, and starts at the end of August. It has a proven track record for providing individuals with the training, experience and support they need to enhance their own professional development. It expands their skills and increases their knowledge of their community.

The benefits to your organization

As a supporter of this program, your organization will benefit by:

  • Providing the right employee with a worthwhile experience
  • Gaining business exposure through new contacts made by your employee
  • Receiving public profile that recognizes your organization as a caring community leader
  • Knowing that you are helping make United Way successful and in turn helping thousands of people in our communities

Can’t spare your best? Help launch a career!

Some organizations are unable to identify the appropriate individuals for the Sponsored Employee program. However, you can still give someone an opportunity to gain valuable job experience by providing sponsorship funding. A sponsorship of $8,500 will enable United Way to hire a qualified candidate who is eager to launch a new career. Your organization will receive public recognition for participation in this program.

Another option is to consider this program for an employee between projects, in transition or a new retiree. Or, select the time of year that best suits you; United Way needs help all year round.

If you have any questions about the Sponsored Employees, please contact:
Jennepher Cahill
Director, Development
Ext. 247

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